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Over the years, 24 Hour Locksmith Norwalk CT has serviced many individuals as well as small and large businesses. below is a partial list with testimonials from some of our recent customers:

We’ve been continuously impressed with the quick response we get from 24 Hour Locksmith Norwalk CT. There’s no one else like them.

Lisa Wheeler,
Norwalk, CT

Recently we began streamlining and upgrading the locks in our buildings through a high security lock system put together for us by 24 Hour Locksmith Norwalk CT. Because of the type of locks and keys used, we are guaranteed full control over access to each building. We always know how many keys have been distributed and no longer worry that unauthorized copies have been made. As property owners and managers, it is the ideal situation. 24 Hour Locksmith Norwalk CT technicians always provides efficient service we can depend on and solutions to all of our security and lock-related needs.

Anthony Bonet
Realty Management, Inc. Norwalk, CT

We had been using the services of by 24 Hour Locksmith Norwalk CT for the past 10 years or more. 24 Hour Locksmith Norwalk CT technicians have proven to be capable, responsive and detail-oriented. Over this period of time they have resolved many of my hardware needs. Jack has been very helpful to me with his wisdom and advice whenever I am faced with a difficult situation. The staff is very helpful and courteous whenever I call or have to interact personally with any one of them. I am pleased to recommend 24 Hour Locksmith Norwalk CT to anyone who requires true quality professional locksmith services.

Imtiaz Waldin,
Norwalk, CT

As a property manager in Norwalk, CT, I have available to me many different vendors including dozens of locksmiths. Real Estate Associates has found over time a consistent commitment by 24 Hour Locksmith Norwalk CT to service, reliability and excellence. We would recommend them in any situation day or night, weekend or holidays. They are a totally reliable company.

Robin Berman, Property Manager
Real Estate Associates, Norwalk, CT

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